Friday, April 1, 2011

Gaynor Plaza

Last week the Park Slope Patch reported that there were new lights on the poles that are on the Triangle Park where 8th Ave ends at Flatbush Ave.  There photo at left looks very nice.  However, to the right is my photo of  the entire "Park". It is not very park- like.  It has 3 benches, but I never saw anyone siting on them.  Not much of a place to sit, maybe a place to rest, but not a nice place.

Anyway more light is good.  Below is the plaque in the ground that shows that this Triangle Park actually has a name.  It is Gaynor Plaza, In honor of William J. Gaynor.  He was the Mayor of New York City from 1910 - 1913.  

William Gaynor lived around the corner from that plaza at 20 8th ave (and down the block from my current abode.) From the Library of Congress

The building looks very different now.

but for a better comparison click here

Anyway,  across the street from Gaynors house was (and is) the Montauk House.  As I pointed out in May of 2010 their fence needed a little work.

Look it is getting it

this was last May

View Gaynor Plaza in a larger map


  1. The state of the Montauk Club fence is of little significance to me--I just wish they did a better job of shoveling their sidewalks last winter.

  2. Love the house, and that fence is beautiful! But you are right, the park should have been more of a park with grass, etc.

  3. It is hard to believe that little "triangle" is a park but I guess since it has trees and a bench and is a place to "rest" it is a park. Maybe they could plant some grass and flowers around the trees. That would make it more park like over time. Though it may not be much, I'm sure that someone will appreciate sitting there on the bench when they are tired and especially if they have some leafy shade on a sunny day. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. once the north flatbush avenue BID finishes with the completion of the new streetscape plans, the small triangle parks will indeed be a place to sit AND rest. You see, we plan to expand the triangle by keeping st. john a one lane street. There will be more trees, more benches, tables and chairs. There will be flowers around the trees and plenty of planters . So, indeed it is not a park, say like Prospect Park, but it will be more of a public plaza. People will begin to sit there. And chicken underwear, if you are going to sign up for the BID newsletter then confirm your email so you can enjoy reading our monthly newsletters and then you will get the facts corret. thank you.

  5. hye chicken underwear. Thank you for the verification, like after 25 years we didnt know that. By the way, if you are going to sign up for the BID's newsletter, please verify your email address, so that you can read our monthly enews newsletter and get the fact correct. lets be friends..


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