Sunday, April 17, 2011

I actually figured out how to use iMapMyRun today.

But I turned if off before I was done.

So first I did this....

Then I did this.

Yes, a nice 21 miles.

My kids had a track meet at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island.

I, on the other hand needed to get in some millage.

So ran off the island of the former Tri-Borough Bridge (Sorry RFK, but I am a New Yorker.)  I crossed Manhattan at 125th Street to get to the Hudson River.  Would have taken a photo of the Apollo Theater but I would have had to stand on line behind all the tourist already there.  Harlem used to be a scary place for camera toting yahoos.  Now they go to Sylvia's for breakfast.  Whatever.

At the Hudson River I made a right and continued towards the George Washington Bridge.  Doubled back and took a poop in the Bus Station. The GW Bridge Bus Station is a big meet-up place for cyclists.  Who knew.  

Then I ran downtown on Riverside Drive. I waved hi to the remains of U. S. Grand (He is burred in Grant's tomb, you know.)  I went back to the East River on 123rd Street, so I could avoid the tourists.  No such luck.  Wherever they are from they don't have brownstones.  I long as they don't come to Park Slope.

Then back over the East River to Randall's Island and then onto another short part of the RFK so I could put my feet into the Bronx.

At this point I had been running for over 3 hours and I figured the meet would almost be over.  I ran back to the stadium to find that it was not even half over.  Duh, I turned off the iMapMyRun app.  But I did use the time I still had to run over the third segment of the bridge to Queens and back.

21 miles.  Nice.  Yea, I ran in Manhattan, New Jersey, The Bronx and Queens.

However, I have to make observation.  Randall's Island and the RFK Bridge were a mess. The island was spotted with pristine places . The stadium is in great shape and there were some beautiful soccer fields.  But the rest of the island look like a war had passed over it.  Construction debris was everywhere, there was giant potted plants fallen over everywhere.

The pedestrian paths on the bridge were the same.  On the Manhattan span I stepped over a hypodermic needle and the ramps of Bronx side had kitty litter covering piles of fecal matter.

A real shame. The kinda place that might make one join the Tea Party so they can complain about government waste.  Or maybe not.  The entire island literally rose out of the water on the command of Robert Moses.  He build it to bury money.

Took a good shower when I got home.

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