Saturday, May 21, 2011

No, I ran a whole marathon 6 days ago.

Yes, I did not run the Brooklyn Half today.  But I had a lot of fun cheering on my teammates.

We set up our new "tear drop" banners in Prospect Park and I took a lot of photos.

I also learned that cow bells, whistles and horns are very encouraging when you run by, but they can really wear on you if you stand in one place with them.

After watching the runners in Prospect Park I packed up the banners to get to the finish in Coney Island.

Getting on the Subway at Parkside Ave I was stuck by how the last week of rain has left the foliage so lush..

And through the window of The Q Train as we passed over mile 12.  That fresh pavement must have been nice to run on.


  1. Can I post your picture of Ocean Parkway on my blog? I will give you credit.

  2. Norma, I would be honored. Just give my some sort of credit.

  3. Thank you thank you!


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