Thursday, June 23, 2011

Politically Correct!!!!

My kids are about to graduate from grade school.  I am really proud of them.  I am also really pleased with the school.  It took me 6 years, but now I know why people lie and cheat to get in to their school.  It is not one of those fancy Upper East Side Prep schools that prepare toddlers to be masters of the universe.It is just a neighborhood grade school that teaches kids that "political correctness" is a good thing, without actually using that word.

My daughters class was challenged to create a short play based on the following question.

"How have people throughout American history defended their freedoms"

My daughter wrote and performed a play about the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire.  Some of her classmates wrote about what is was like for Jacky Robinson to use the bathroom at a gas station in the south.  Others wrote and performed about how the Tuskegee Airmen may have felt when they came back from WWII..

They learned that when Americans had to defend their freedoms, they had to defend them from the greedy and the bigots.  They know that you don't loose your freedom because you might have to pay a little more in health insurance so the rest of your fellow citizens can have health care or because your neighbor's marriage is not like yours.

My daughter's teacher (who my baby loves almost as much as my wife and I) sat at the foot of the stage with a sign that said LOUD to remind the kids to use their outside voices.

But, ya know they have to be loud.  They have to use their outside voices. Not just because they go to a school that can not afford a PA system or air conditioning for the auditorium. But, because the morons in this country control the volume knob.

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