Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I always wanted to check out the Museum of the Moving Image

Today was the perfect day.  My kids don't start school till Thursday and all the Summer tourist went home yesterday.  I don't know why but I assumed that the it would be housed in an old movie studio.  Notsomuch.  My daughter had been there so I asked her to guide us.  She said we needed to look for the most modern building surrounded by old ones.  She was correct.  On our way in and out the rain was coming down pretty hard so I did not take a photo.

Inside the kids had a lot of fun.  They got to redo/replace the audio on some familiar films.  It was easy for my 11 year old to do.  It got me thinking about technology.  I used to work a place that taught people how to record music.  My kids were just doing a post production project that would have earned an A 5 years ago.  11 year-olds, with no training at all.  They changed the music, dialogue and sound effects only using a mouse.  Everything was menu driven, but isn't everything?

Yes, there were a lot of buttons my kids got to press.  But there were artifacts.  Their special exhibit was a celebration of Jim Henson's life so we were in the presence of greatness.

Bert and Ernie  (These dude should get married already)

When my kids were like 4 we took them to a screaming of Elmo in Grouchland at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Kevin Clash was there.  At the time my kids where too young to appreciate the fact that when Keven Clash puts an Elmo puppet on his hand, it is not an Elmo puppet, it is the Elmo puppet.

Kermit was there too.  They also had Mork's space suit and the suits worn by Jim Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs (Google them yourself if you don't know who they are were).

A few years ago I took my son to a Star Wars exhibitionism at the Franklyn Institute.  I was more impressed with the fact that we were only separated by Plexiglas from Darth Vader.

But today my son had an OMyGod moment.  We were not worthy.

Yoda was there.

The Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back.  He knew that this was not just a Yoda, but it was The Yoda.  The one that trained Luke on Dagobah.  Before he we left he we put his our hands to the glass and said, "May the force be with you."  We meant it.

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  1. Love that place! haven't been there in years, wish I had known you were going. not that I could have gone, but, still, lol! Love it!


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