Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ave I and East 16th Street

That intersection doesn't sound like much.  Kinda like two random streets that meet in Midwood, Brooklyn. But it is a really nice spot.

To see what makes it special look at the map to the left.  Ave I dead ends at E16th because of the B/Q Train and E16th is a dead end before it reaches AVE H because of the (rarely if ever used) Bay Ridge Branch of the Long Island Rail Road.

So play with the Google Street view below.  Even frozen in time you can see that sense the peacefulness.

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Last week I was lucky enough to be forced to stand there for 15 minutes.  (The cab was late, but we were still early).  It was a true moment of Zen.

The apartment building on the corner has a functioning waterfall.  I am told it runs all night. It must make a great white noise to cover up the roar of the trains 50 feet away.

I love the way falling water looks in a photo.

It took me a few minutes to notice the plaque in the stone across the street.

1882 - 1945

Dedicated    -     May 1945

To the memory of our

beloved president

Franklin D. Roosevelt

His was the vision
of freedom
for all mankind
From fear - From want
of  religion  speech- of worship

Terrace Gardens Mens Club
Brooklyn NY 

Freedom of religion and worship.....  Kinda reminds me of one of those stupid things I re-posted on Facebook last week.

It’s fine to have one.
It’s fine to be proud of it.
But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around,
And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.


  1. This was just one of the highlights
    of my trip to Brooklyn, sharing
    this with my son made it all so
    special to me...xxxooo Mom

  2. I agree with your sentiment, but you've read the plaque slightly incorrectly. It says "speech", not "religion".

  3. @ Throcky.

    I am gonna have to go back. The last word on the Plaque is worship, but looking at the photo I can not tell what the words are before it are.

  4. Its the four freedoms from FDRs 1941 speech.

  5. Thanks for the historical reference. I will correct my blog


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