Sunday, October 23, 2011

Curb Alert

Park Slope is famous for its recycling.  I remember we were one of  the firsts neighborhood to actually have curbside recycling.  We recycle our electronics and our X-mas trees.

We are also known for leaving useful objects on stoops and hanging over gates.  If you walk down almost any street in Park Slope you will find books, clothing, shoes, pots and pans, small, medium and large appliances,  home made VHS tapes, and other useful items.  Heck, there even used to be a blog devoted to what Steve Bucemi left on his stoop

But around the corner from my home there two interesting objects left out for who ever wanted them.

A pair of crutches that were hardly used and a very used bong

upsa.  I am linked

Union Street Between 8th and 7th


  1. Hey man, this s#*% will knock the legs out from under you. Best be prepared.

  2. Reminds of the time when I came across used breast pump parts for sale in front of a Park Slope brownstone.


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