Tuesday, November 1, 2011

F Day

My kid's school operates on a 6 day schedule. No, they don't have school on Saturdays.  Their class rotation is based on a 6 day schedule.  These days are A through F.  They started school on a Monday, that was an A day.  The following Monday was the 6th day of school, it was an F day.  This system is not as confusing as it sounds and works out great to undo the mess caused by the fact that so many school holidays fall on Monday.

Also, every F day is a trip day. Today was an F day.

I got to chaperon a trip to Prospect Park.  The kids had to determine which of two different places in the Park would be best to "Start a Civilization".  They got some "worksheets" and really did not need my help.

So I live a block form Prospect Park.

The school is a mile form Prospect Park.

The kids take a yellow bus to school

I am not allowed on the bus.  So I walk

Traffic sucks.  I can get there faster than the bus.  It has to make a few stops, but that is still pretty bad.

Along the way I passed the partially built new arena that is really gonna make traffic worse.

That orange thing in the middle is a pumpkin.


We took the subway back to Prospect Park and we all walked whiten a block from my house.

I got to take some nicer  pictures in the park

The kids all got back to school for lunch.

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