Saturday, November 12, 2011

Worth the trip

I like to shop online. If you know what you want and know how to shop it is honestly easier to find a bargain.

I know how to shop.  Not only do I find the lowest price, I manage to get multiple rebates on my purchases. Upromise , Ebates and Fatwallet all share their commissions with me when I start at their "mall".

Last week I realized that both my son and I needed jeans.  We simply needed more of what we had.  No need to try them on.  So I looked at the back of his Levy's, noted his size and found that the cheapest place to buy them was  This was good because they are part of the rebate program and all of the above places and I am already a member of the JC Penny Rewards Program.  So we each get 2 pair of pants.

Not so good, my son's pants are way to big.  No big deal.  This afternoon we jumped on the Q train and without even going outside we are in the JC Penny in Herald Square in a half an our.  It gets better.  Yesterday JC penny emailed me a $10 credit because I just spent $175.  Even better was that the pants that fit were on a super even cheaper a the store.  Wait, there is more, if I used my JC penny credit card,  they gave me 20% off everything I bought.

So my credit for the return was $74.97 and I only spent $45.17 to get the pants that fit.  What could be better

Better was that we got to listen to this kick ass band in the Subway.

Sister Monk

If I were 10, 15 ok 25 years younger I would be going to their show at LIC Bar on Wednesday Nov 23.

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