Sunday, December 4, 2011

There is always someone smoking there

This is the entrance way to the "Federal Office Building" at the corner of Vesey and Church.  These women are actually blocking the entrance to the building while smoking.  

It also was not that cold, I was only wearing a sweatshirt.  But smoking makes you feel colder. "Blood flow to the extremities is decreased (cold hands and feet).One puff lowers the temperature in the fingertips 1ºF to 3ºF in 3 minutes."

I always tell my kids that if you want to be happy get together with happy people and do what they are doing.  Do these women look happy?

Go ahead a play with the Google Street View below.  You might notice that this building is directly next door to the World Trade Center Cite.  I only bring that up because all known (and unknown) types of law enforcement officers are there all the time.  So I guess these women are pretty confident that this is an OK place to smoke.  Besides a lot of Federal offices it is home to the New York State Dept of Health .

I wonder who those two women work for.

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  1. and the no smoking sign is right behind them...kind of like cops always holding the cell phone in their ear and ticketing people who dont use handsfree

  2. haha.
    I think many smokers go with their buddies to smoke outside and grumble about work. Hence the lack of smiles.

    I don't quite understand smokers. Mark smokes and I'm trying to get him to quit but it's impossible. It is terribly unhealthy AND beyond!

  3. Such good advice for your kids. I'll have to remember that. (from Ivan's mom)


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