Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Day working on my bike in a park.

This is the view from Owl Head Pier.

The fisherman did not speak any English.  I asked the security guard at the sewage treatment plant next to the pier if he knew what they were.  The are skates, click the link for what they look like in the water.  The guard said Chinese people eat anything.  If I ever see skate on the menu I will try them. This recipe looks good


  1. Think about it - do you want to eat fish caught just a few short yards from a sewage treatment plant?

  2. Not me. That is why I want the government interfering with business. To make sure nobody is serving that to me

  3. Actually, the TREATED water that comes of of the sewage treatment is probably better then the raw sewage the regulatory flows into the bay every time there is a heavy rain.

  4. Skate is delicious, like a firm flounder. And I've had it in a number of restaurants, none of which were Asian.


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