Friday, May 4, 2012

An entire comedy routine could be based on this sign.

Air Tower  General Guidelines 
Free Air 
Please use with respect and re-coil the hose after use. 

Abuse and misuse of the air tower will not be tolerated. Proper Authorities will be notified and 
violators will be fined 

Hess Corporation.

This raises so many questions.

  • What abuse can be committed beyond just not re-coiling the hose?
  • Which authorities prosecute hose abuse?
  • What abuse prompted this sign?
  • Is an air enema abuse?
  • I don't think this was an accident.  Maybe we should notify The Authorities.
  • Stupid people are actually dying from "dusting".  One schmuck actually killed another person.  But that is compressed air in a can.
  • I found the proper  Proper Authorities to notify.

South Park teaches us how not become an Authority in your Industry from Patrick Wagner on Vimeo.

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