Friday, July 6, 2012

I hope I am not being repetitious

But the New York Hall of Science in Queens is really great.

Yea, great.  It was gonna be another 95 degree day, so we needed a big fun air conditioned place to hang out.  My kids each invited a friend and they are at the point where they are big enough that I do not have to follow them around the museum.  The kids had real fun,  Without me hovering, I think they actually spent more tome enjoying each exhibit.

Also, without having to chase the kids around, I go to enjoy the museum even more. I got to see how beautiful science can be.

In order to demonstrate how comets might collide in space, they have a device that drops little chunks of dry ice into colored water.

I could sit and look at that thing all day.

They also have a Ferrofluid Magnetoscope.  (that is spelled correctly, stop blinking)

Iron particles suspended in some sort of liquid.

The liquid was separated from a pair of magnets by plexiglas and the kids were able to move the magnets up and down.

They also have an exhibit that shows how your eyes and your brain don't really work together correctly.  You absolutely can not tell from my photo but the shadows seamed to be spinning in the opposite direction from the objects that were blocking the light.

Maybe the next time I will just drop off the kids and go for a run.


You do not have to be nice!


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