Friday, September 28, 2012

Early Fall : Late Afternoon (UPDATED)

I am lucky enough to be forced to spend some time doing nothing in Prospect Park while my kids work out.  Today I brought my puny Kodak Easyshare and jumped on my bike.

The photos below are horrible, they suck compared to the awesomeness of reality.

I am sure there is someplace just as nice within a half an hour of you right now.  GO THERE.

This park is ONE BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE.  What a gift!

Thank you Mr Olmstead.

 Behind these trees is The Woodlands.

and back to the Long Meadow

You can support Prospect Park by clicking this

Below are photos I took with my Android 48 hours later.  What do you think?


  1. Never knew there's a waterfall in Prospect Park. Next time I'm there I'll venture off the paved roads and explore nature.

  2. Linus, there are like 3 or 5 waterfalls. You can see them all without stepping off a paved path.

    I gotta give a tour.

  3. Horrid pictures???? They're gorgeous - you captured the reality of the park's beauty wonderfully CU!

  4. I really love Prospect Park. I often feel as if we have a huge back yard.

    I hope it remains relatively unswarmed by people!


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