Monday, October 15, 2012

Did I just find one of the Lost Penn Station Eagles?

Out in front of Demolition Depot on E 125th Between 2nd and 3rd.  That item is not on their inventory

In the photo of their store on their website is is there

Probably not, because to the right is one of the actual Penn Station Eagles, as posted in The Bowery Boys; New York History.  Here are a lot more photos of real Penn Station Eagles.

But I did have an Indiana Jones moment on the streets of East Harlem


  1. I guess not. This one looks like it has more details.

  2. It actually looks A LOT like the Penn station eagles. There had been 22 originally and only 12 are accounted for today It may be worth it to contact the store owner and have someone take a closer look at the statue. Your "Indiana Jones Moment" may yet bare real, juicy, historically significant fruit.


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