Friday, October 12, 2012

I am getting used to the Park Slope Coop

I think I am there a lot.  Since I do my wife's shift I am work every 2 weeks instead of 4.  I found out that the more shifts you have the easier it is to miss one.  Miss one = make up two.  So I have been unloading a lot of trucks.  Unloading a truck, or crushing 500 lbs of cardboard, or filling up a dairy case can be kinda fun so I don't mind so much.

Shoppers assume that just because I am stocking shelves I know the difference between white broccoli and cauliflower. or even where things are.  I hardly know where the stuff that I have to put on the shelves goes.

 But last week someone wearing a yellow visitor sticker asked me where the bottled water is.  I quickly replied "Key Food"  She looked at me like I was nuts.  "Because it is really heavy and takes up a lot of shelf space.  It is just water and you can get it out of the sink."  "But you sell Coconut Water?"   "Key Food, you should shop at Key Food." and I continued to stock the organic, no salt, kale chips. (Can you buy inorganic no salt, kale chips.?)

But yesterday I was asked to "price meat".  Not so much fun.  Mostly boring.  Go to the basement.  Stand in one spot.  Open box. Read label.  Type a code into a scale.  Put stickers on many packages of meat.  Put them back in box.  Repeat for 2 house and 45 minutes.

I really did not want to do that, but I don't want to be the guy that says no to my squad leader.  They are nice, hard working people who needed me to price meat.

I did tell her that I did not understand why it was not the job of Food Processors to price meat.  They are more suited for that type of work,  They are soft people who stand around a table and put cheese or spices or candy in little baggies, weigh it and price them.  And yes, I was trying to start a war between the Receiving Squad and the Food Processors.

I did like the sign on the scale.  Perfect Park Slope Coop Passive Aggressive.

Really not that aggressive.  More like passive / lovey-dovey.




  1. Michael, you make a good point about the food processors.There should be a reason they don't price meat.

  2. Oh you're such a sport, you might even get to like it!
    Haha, cute sign.

  3. Rose,

    come visit. I will get you a Visitor sticker and offer you some tap water. :)

  4. Sounds interesting... I don't know much about the Food Coop. Ive only been there once briefly coming back from a long run in the city.

  5. You're on CU; and I also happen to know that NYC has some of the cleanest and best water in the world ;)
    I think your water supply is a fascinating story. :)


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