Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meanwhile in Park Slope

Another yogurt shop is going to open on the corner of 7th Ave and 3rd St  Read the comments, it seams the only person who is happy is the landlord.

Not far away on 8th Ave and 9th Street someone is not happy with the quality of trash left in their bike's basket.

Hello Stranger
We will probably never meet, but I'd like you to do ma a favor (PLEASE!)
People keep leaving objects in my bike basket mostly trash. Or what I saw as trash.  I also "received very random pink and black striped lamp shade which caught my interest.  Now I am looking for some help with a school art project!  I am challenging you to leave me something obscure, unique crazy!  Anything you want, personal or something you found today.  Smaller is better and it can have absolutely no value. A pretty stone, acorn or flower!

- Park Slope High School Student  (TUMBLR: XENOKIONE)

I dropped a few MetroCards in the milk crate.


  1. Were they MetroCards with zero values? Or those that have some cents, maybe even dollars, on them?

  2. Totally Zero. There is no can in the 7/8 Street F/G Station.


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