Monday, November 26, 2012

Now this is disturbing

I live in a 6 story building on a busy corner on Park Slope.

Fortunately, (and not coincidentally) all my windows face the courtyard  I am somewhat insulated from the sounds of gridlock that are often in front of my house.

However, my building is being repointed.  They are removing and replacing the mortar and bricks that make up the outside of my building.

To the right is the view from my kitchen window.  In a few days this man will be jack hammering under and around my windows.

I gotta find a day job.


  1. I've got exactly the same situation, and the same lovely view--except that I live in a 35-story building, and the jackhammering is endless.

  2. When I taught English, that jackhammering went on during class time, even when I had to prepare students for "listening" passages for state exams. There was something bizarre about the situation....and of course that actually was my day job.

  3. Ear-muffs work well.
    Good for the building - not so nice for you.


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