Friday, December 21, 2012


This afternoon I had the opportunity to meander around Manhattan.  At 11 am, just after I found a $45 MetroCard on top of the check your MetroCard balance here box, at the Times Square Station, I overheard a tourist ask the token clerk for "Two Round Trips to Union Square".  The next person asked for directions to Woodbury Commons.  For those who are not native to NYC, the subway fare is $2.25, that is what it costs to go anywhere, you pay to get in.  Also Woodbury Commons is 50 miles away, any trip there by mass transit would require multiple buses and a cab.  I also wonder if the MTA pays people extra to work in the booth in places like Times Square.

Anyway, I saw a cool sign on W32nd Street between 7th and 6th.

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Wigs & Plus Beauty Supply

I clicked a photo with my phone.

But it did not look like what I saw so I clicked again.

Kinda cool how the light works

Then I made it down to Chinatown to pick up some desert for the family.  Six different little cakes for under $5.  How could I go wrong.  I randomly walked into Lung Moon Bakery.  Totally Excellent.

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I walked a little further to take the Subway home.  At the southern end of Foley Square I gasped when I saw the awning of the Corte Cafe

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Their awning also caught my eye.  They offer Pizza & Plus, as well as Breakfast & Plus.

When I get on the Subway at Brooklyn Bridge, I saw a guy giving terrible directions to a tourist couple.  They wanted to get to Fulton St and he kept telling them to go to the Borough Hall Station in Brooklyn. From looking at them I knew they wanted to go to Fulton St in Manhattan.  I told them that is was the next stop on the train that was pulling into the station.

We got on the train and they asked me how I know they were not going to the Fulton St in Brooklyn.  I told them that everyone is who going to Brooklyn knows how to get there.

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