Friday, January 4, 2013

A: Because I can.

Yesterday, just a few minutes after my kids left the house for school, I got a phone call.  One of them forget their sneakers and had gym.  My first inclination was to tell them to take some personal responsibility for their forgetfulness and deal with it.  But instead I asked what period gym was.  It was first period.  First Period!  I was really ready to say suck it up, take the demerit and sit in the corner and read a pamphlet about doing sit ups.

But no, I was the guy who left the Nine to Five world to be there for his kids.

"I will do my best to get there"  and it was not that hard.  I put on my pants and coat, jumped on the subway and got there before 1st period.  (that shows how slow their bus is.)

The smile and hug I got in front of all the classmates made it all worth it.

It all reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my friends when my kids were just born.  We were talking about how long to let them cry when they are in their crib.  My friend disagreed with the Ferber Method of letting kids "cry it out".  He said that he wanted to teach his kids that he "WILL BE THERE FOR THEM WHEN THEY HAVE A PROBLEM".  That is the kind of parent I want to be.  I want my kids to know I will be there for them when they have a problem and I have to let them know that by actually showing up when I can.

My kids are gonna grow up and have bigger problems than having the wrong footwear in school.  I might not be the dad that can provide an annually Caribbean vacation, but I will be the guy that will show up when they need help.

and before you nominate me for Father of the Year, raise your bar. Be a better parent, friend, or college.  Don't tell me mine is high.

"Anyway", my friend added, " you might as well take all the smiles and hugs you can.  Because one day you kid will say 'FUCK YOU!, DAD!'".

Q: Why do dogs lick their genitals?
A: Because they can.


  1. Why am I not in the least surprised that you responded as you did.
    You're a lovely Dad, and your kids know it!

  2. Hey Rose from Oz, you said it so well.
    And a great son too.

  3. I like your guiding principle. Great post.


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