Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I finished this book yesterday.

It had 366 "chapters" so I made a point to read one a day.  But, every Sunday I took a break and just read the same chapter again.

Not really much of a plot, but it did have a pretty consistent theme.  Things don't always go as planned, or sometimes the plan is not always the way it should go.

Back in July I read a chapter that made a timeless point.

A steamship, the General Slocum, burned and sank in New York's East River in 1904.  A thousand people died because a fire started in a locked room that was being used to store flammable materials.  Also, the fire hose had been sealed to prevent water leaks, lifeboats were too tightly lashed to the decks to be loosened, and life jackets had been nailed to the walls so customers couldn't steal them

Duh, this is what happens when government (we) does not regulate and monitor business.

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