Thursday, February 21, 2013

Again, I wish my kids went to a school that had a budget for marketing

This is the Google Ad on my own blog.

Where do they get the money for this, while my kids go to a school that has to ask parents for cash to buy supplies.

Success Academy has adds in the Subway and on buses, they even litter our neighborhoods with fliers and not a Google Campaign.

Ya know, people blurt out stuff like "Charter schools are better."  How do they know?  Every school is different.  Standardized tests are meaningless and the charters get exempted anyway.

As they say in advertising "Image Is Everything".  Well, in the minds of the weak,  Success Academy has a good image.  They don't need anything else.

BTW.  Success Academy blocked me from posting on their Facebook Page.  would someone please share this blog with them

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