Saturday, February 23, 2013

Magic Building

Last week was supposed to be Mid-Winter Break from school.  It was cancelled because NYC Public School were closed for the 5 days after Super Storm Sandy.  I told my kids not to complain about he lost vacation days, their house was not washed into the friggen ocean.

Anyway, people had some vacations planned and school attendance was down.   The kids had an easy week and it included an extra trip.  I thought I might have had to work so I did not mark myself down as a chaperon.  Apparently, I was needed because many of the teachers were "absent" too.  I got this summons from the nice Assistant Principal.

We walked over to Brooklyn Boulders so the kids could climb rocks.  From the outside this building is nothing, you think it is one story tall.

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Not so much  There are no steps down but the center of the building has more stories.  And the coolest thing is that they let the Google Map Cameras inside.  Loop below for a 3D walk around the inside
The coolest thing here is that for years this was an empty warehouse.  What a great reuse of an otherwise unneeded space.

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Here are some plain 2D photo that I took

When we left the school the cafeteria lady asked me where we were going.  She thought we needed to take a bus.  I said no, we are just walking a few blocks.  She looked puzzled..  I could not remember the cross street but when I told her we were going to the old Daily News Building. That worked for her.  She probably remembered when the school she was working in was a New York Times facility. (More on that later.)

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  1. Amazing interior Mike, and the sport is BIG over here too.
    The arch type doorways are an unexpected touch in the building.


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