Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Views

Sunday morning, just before 6 am, I was  changing trains at the Smith & 9th St Station.  If you have been paying attention you know that it is the highest subway station in the City, if not the world.

Behold the Sunrise.

another view of the canal, without the sun glare.

This morning I ran over the Canal.  There was no sun and it was a putrid shade of green.

In the distance you can see the bridge  was standing on about 30 hours earlier.

There was no sun today.  In fact it just started raining when I took this photo.  I ran 5 more miles and my shoes filled with water from the top.

The canal is full of raw sewage (IE: shit and piss).  When it rains a lot what runoff from the street sewers mixes with the sewage and it all just goes into the canal, or the Hudson, or wherever.  Our combined sewer system can't handle more than a few centimeters of rain at a time.  A better explanation can be found at Pardon Me for Asking.

While we are on that subject, this was my Facebook Status this morning.

Someone should have reminded me that I ate all those beets yesterday.
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  1. I followed the link Mike (Pardon Me for Asking) and heck, what fascinating if not mind boggling and appalling reading. I wonder how its all going to pan out in the long run.

  2. I think we will be putting raw sewage into NYC waters for ever. We would have to rebuild then entire drainage system


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