Friday, July 19, 2013

Things are getting better. But we are not there yet.

Why is this ok?

If there are issues with this?

The Cheerios ad generated comments like this on Adweek

C. C. Conrad  Anonymous  a month agoAny people that work for or go along with the destruction, displacement or weakening of their own people, country or race in ANY manner are traitors. There is no greater hate in the heart of man than for traitors like you to work for or accept the current existential threat that white people are facing. You have been instructed from your youth to hate your own race and now you drink this poison willingly. You are clearly mentally defective, closed minded & yes, incorrigible. One day traitors like you will either be killed by the non-whites that you are giving your countries to or you will be arrested, tried & hanged for your crimes against humanity.
ammer Swingin 117  Lana Hale  a month ago
Anti-Whites SAY assimilation isn't forced. Then you demand loss of employment, physical violence, and legal action against anyone opposing assimilation. So explain yourselves, anti-Whites.
You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.  Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. Why do you want White geNOcide? 


So I Googled really hard and could not find one person saying that it was bad that an Asian women to be in a relationship with a white man.  So a white man with an Asian women is ok, but a black man with a what women is not.  Some people have to get a life


I was gonna leave it like that.  But today President Obama did something wonderful. 

“Trayvon Martin could have been me – 35 years ago,” President Obama said during a surprise speech Friday afternoon from the White House.

On the MSNBC Facebook I left this comment.

 35 years ago I worked in a greeting card store in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The owner would use the intercom in the shop to tell me what to do. If he would say "code 19" that meant I should stop what ever I was doing and follow the black person around the store. I should have told him to go to hell, but I was only 15 years old. 

Now I can only hope that my kids can live in a better world.


  1. I (a white woman) was in a relationship with an Asian man for four years (in the 1990s) and received quite a few odd comments along these lines, even from 'friends'.

  2. thanks for not being afraid to say what you are thinking about


You do not have to be nice!


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