Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I got enough problems

I got another run off my bucket list,  Without participating in the NYC Marathon I ran in 4 boroughs.

I started in by Prospect Park, meandered down the to the Brooklyn Bridge, crossed the bridge and then crossed Manhattan.  Then I ran South, around The Battery and North up the East Side, under the Brooklyn Bridge, under the Manhattan  Bridge, under the Williamsburg Bridge, around he UN and onto the 59th Street Queenboro Koch Bridge.  The I found Socrates Park and ran a loop in there, Then I did not get lost and found and crossed the Triborough RFK Bridge, did get a little lost in Randals/Wards Island and found the Wards Island Bridge back to Manhattan, up along more of the East River till it became the Harlem River and entered the Bronx by crossing the Willis Ave Bridge.  Gmap-pedometer puts this at 22.6 miles.  I defiantly had 4 more in me and I found over $70 worth of Metrocards along the way.  All in all a very good run.

I tried to take a photo along the way by my sweaty hands failed me.  But I did see The  Google Streetview Car.  So I figure I would just used Google Streetview to show you what I woulda taken a photo of.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT Google Maps spells it one way and the sign in the store spells it another way.  The point I was trying to make was that when a sign say U.N. PIECE CLEANERS it only goes further to make it more impossibleer for a guy like me to know how to spell these kinds of words.  Maybe I will send Google a correction.  Me correcting Google's spelling.  What has the world come to?

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Update 9-19   Got this in an email from Google "Thank you for taking time to notify us about an issue with Un Peace Cleaners. We will use your feedback to investigate, verify the correct information and publish any necessary changes. 
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team"

Yea, I ran almost 23 miles, crossed 6 bridges, through 4 boroughs, countless parks and the only photos I would have take was of a laundry shop.  Oh, and I was only annoyed at the billion camera crews blocking my way as I passed the United Nations because we still we still have relative world peace.  Yes, for now the wold is still in one piece.

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