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Miles of Toll Roads by Area of State

The summary of my E-ZPass statement tells me that I spent $298.49 on tolls in July and August.  That might seam like a lot, but we a chunk of it was for business travel and we did have a lot of fun in the car. I am not complaining. I did pay $12 to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, I thought that was totally worth it even though the kids were asleep.  My car even went to Washington DC and back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Marsh on Washington. [insert My car went to Washingtonian and all I got was this t-shirt joke here].  I also learned that with the exception of the hours between 2 am and 5 am it is worth $5.33 to take the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel  Hugh Carey Tunnel 

In the days before E-ZPass.
We did not go that far.  We were never than 400 miles from home.  Virginia Beach to the South, The Canadian border to the North.  West as far as Rochester and East, not so much.  In two months my car put on about 6,000 miles. (compare that to this January, when I did not buy gas!)

So, I am really not complaining about the 300 bucks, but it did get me thinking about tolls.  I wanted to know if I was paying a lot of tolls compared to the miles I drove.I don't know why, but this statistic is not so findable on the Internet.  Miles of toll roads per capita can be found here.  I really can't figure the use in that

.Who know that Oklahoma had so many toll roads?  Maybe the 10 or 20 people whohave been to Oklahoma.

But I was wondering if New Jersey really was the toll capital of The United States.  It is a relatively small state that (to me anyway) was crisscrossed with toll roads.

Yea it is. NJ has 356 miles of toll roads. That is 0.0457 miles of toll roads per every one of it's square mils of area.  Oklahoma has almost twice as many miles of toll roads, but it is a much larger state, so it is 9th on list of Toll Roads by Area of State.  Here is a link to a PDF that has lots of toll info.

The IBTTA really loves tools.
q: Wont tolls increase  consumer prices By driving  up the cost Of trucking?
a: The poor state of our roads and bridges  is already raising consumer prices through congestion, lost time and higher operating costs for trucking companies. The most recent Urban Mobility Report by the Texas Transportation Institute found that highway congestion cost the United States $101 billion in 2010 and will rise to $133 billion by 2015.4 By increasing the quality of infrastructure and easing congestion, tolls can produce cost savings for truckers and all consumers
This assumes that only tolls will reduce congestion. Kinda wierd that an organization that who's " mission is to advance toll financed transportation." can be a 501c3.  Whatever.

But I still wanted to know if there were a lot of tolls near me.  So I created a little chart that ranked each state by its area and how many miles of toll roads it has.

You can link to the document here.  Letme know if you find this useful or have any comments at all.

I added Mexico because it has a lot of toll roads, three times the US by area.  Porto Rico has a lot of toll roads tot, but I am having trouble getting the exact mileage on them

Also, I don't really know where the millage was counted for bridges like the George Washington, that connect two states.  I don't think it really matters.

Now, If you really have too much time on your hands, you can find out how much it will cost to drive on all these roads.  But keep in mind some tolls are only in on direction.  I didn't even now the Westbound Mass Pike was free.

and for those of you who live in places without tolls, this happens all the time.


  1. Check this out.

  2. How wonderful you got to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington. My heart was there, but I was not.
    As for toll roads, when we were in Spain where there are several tolls on each highway, my husband set our GPS to "no toll roads" — it was fun, but the last day of driving it took us up a twisting mountain road and down the other side, also twisting. We could see the Barcelona airport, but we were nowhere near it. Good thing we were flying out the next day, not that same day.

    1. Kay, only my car got to go to Washington. ;)

    2. Well, it was very nice of you to send it by itself. :-)


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