Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dude! I am sorry about your bike.

Really.  I've been there.  Last year my bike was totally stolen.  Really.  But I have noticed that all over the city there are literally thousands of bikes that have been stripped and are still locked up.

The one below caught my eye first because that is the same seat from my old bike.  I miss it, but not enough to take it.

This seat looks good too.  But you can see it will take some tools to remove.

Yea, If I were to walk around for a day I could take a thousand pictures.

That was once three bikes.  They are all chained together.

Maybe we can find out who stripped this bike.

The sign says

But I don't understand one thing.  Why are they still there?  There as so many that 2 years ago someone wanted to map them all.  People also ask When is it OK to strip and abandoned bike?

The lock was strong enough to keep the frame in place.  So, dude, take your lock home, its a good lock.  I am sorry about your bike, but it is just making a mess now.


  1. Wow, that is very strange. Makes for interesting photos, though.

  2. A fantastic blog .Keep blogging. All the best.


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