Sunday, May 14, 2017

A year ago I made a deal with the devil

For the first few weeks all the doctors kept coming into my room and smiling and saying, "Oh, you will be fine in a year."   I looked up Guillain-Barré syndrome on The Google and realized their definition of fine was not really what I thought fine was.  But I was able to deal with that because anyone's definition of fine was better than staying a paraplegic.

Then a few weeks later I had to go back to the hospital.  There in the most empathetic voice I heard my doctor say words I will never forget, "Maybe we have to change your status to the chronic one"

Fuck You, Satan!  But, honor that deal and keep my kids healthy.  You can throw all the shit you have at me, I will smack it back and spit it in your face.


  1. Wow-that's amazing! I see a walk to the subway sometime soon so you can look for some Metrocards :)


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