Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm a New Yorker again.

Not a good visit to the dentist today. I thought this one tooth would've been only one visit and today's visit was the third and I thought it was gonna be a quickie. Just take the temporary cap off, but the new one on, let me go home. Notsomuch, didn't do much today but I found that and I needed to schedule a two hour visit for next time so they can do a gumectomy and drill away some bone.   Ack, I was just going to volunteer to get a head transplant, but my teeth are on the wrong side of my neck for that. FML.

I swiped my own MetroCard. 


I really needed to reset myself from this disappointing dental visit. So when I got to the subway instead of handing my MetroCard to my carer, I tried something new. It's been two years one month one week and one day since I entered the subway like every other adult in the city and swiped my own MetroCard.

Two years ago I was like a newborn. I spent most of my time in bed, and even had to be fed. A year and a half ago I was like toddler, just learning to walk again. But unlike the toddler, I was and I am aware of the joy of being able to walk again.
Today I walked right up to that turnstile, he took out my Metro card and swiped it.  It was ugly, and I'm glad there were no inpatient people behind me, but I did it myself.

Now I'm a New Yorker again. Free to go anywhere I want, independently, with the swipe of my MetroCard.

And I did it almost as good as Hillary. But at least I know tokens are only for collectors now

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