Friday, March 24, 2017

Some crappy cell phone pictures

Six years ago I got my first paid gig organizing a race. It was a 10K on Governors Island and part of my job was getting the water stations set up. The water stations were staffed by student volunteers from The Harbor School, a New York City public high school that had just moved into a newly refurbished building on the island. At the end of the race I thanked the kids for their help and asked them what they thought of their school. I told him I was asking because I had twins that were just finishing fifth grade and in a few years I was going to have to start taking a high school.

Their enthusiasm was overwhelming. They were all about to graduate, but was so excited that I would even consider their school for my children. Because there was so excited, and because they were willing to show up on a Saturday to raise some money for their school, I kept that school in the back of my mind when it was time to apply for high schools.

By the way, these kids were all with me on the 5 AM ferry when I took this picture of the moon setting as the sun was rising over Governors Island

(Click here, to see how many times I've already written about Governors Island.)

Maybe I'll have a chance to thank those girls for their good advice because my son is now a junior at the Harbor School. It turns out that I am helping the PTA organizing a fundraiser race and alumni are being invited back to compete.

So, yesterday were parent teachers conferences. Some might consider it a burden or a hassle to have to take a subway to a boat and then walk half a mile to talk to my kid's teachers. I thought I was lucky, because below are the crappy pictures I took of the amazing sunset on the boat ride home.


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