Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thanks for the birthday wishes

Yes, it was a very good birthday.

I woke up early so I can be a useful member of society. And I don't think there's anything more useful than judging a middle school science fair.

In the evening I helped my running club organize a 5K race. It is so satisfying to see all the moving parts come together so that hundreds of people could simply have a good time.

Thanks forKristen
Then I ran the race. Ran! Ran! Ran! Ran! Ran! Ran! I used streetlamps and fire hydrants and big trees to mark my distances and I ran half the distance and walk the other half. I got a head start so I made sure I ran when I heard people cheering for me. And I knew they were cheering for me because it wasn't the generic you look great or go runner. Hundred wish me a happy birthday either by name or my personal cheer "Fuck You GBS"

Then, the post race event was a party for me. Of course it was because they sang happy birthday.

Finally. coming home to this card made by my daughter truly made my day.

©Sabrina Ring

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