Sunday, September 3, 2017

2017 Summer Streets II and III: with Larry and Nicholas and Larry

Please click on the links below and look through Larry Sillen's pictures. He spent the first half of two days with me as we walked/ran from grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn to Central Park. He took a gazillion pictures and edited them down to a billion. I chose a few for my blog, but you should just look through them to experience our mornings

Summer Streets August 12

Album 1 of Summer Streets August 19

Album 2 of Summer Streets August 19

For three Saturdays in a row every August New York City shuts down enhances the streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. Cars can cross at major intersections but Park Row, Lafayette, Park Ave South and Park Avenue are turned into places for pedestrians and cyclists instead of the car users. Before my immune system malfunction I made a point of participating in as many as I could. Sometimes running them as they open, sometimes running a round trip and other times cycling with my kids.

This year I participated in Summer Streets twice. The second and third one on August 12 and 19th 2017. Both times, I started with my teammates from the Prospect Park Track Club at 8 AM at grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Both times, I set a timer so I would run for 90 seconds and walk for a minute. On August 19 I was accompanied by my son. But what this is about is the fact that both times I did this with my friend Larry Sillen, who took a gazillion pictures. You can see the entire albums by clicking on the links above. Just click through these albums and you'll know what those mornings will like, as we walked from grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn to The Boathouse in Central Park. Below are some highlights.

My Son figured out how to use my interval timer. 90 seconds running, 60 seconds walking

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and met old friends

They cleaned up pretty good after Loki tried to destroy New York

We met many friends

We did not look at our watches but we had a good time
A Perfect Ending

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