Monday, September 10, 2018

Come on Port Authority of NY & NJ, you can do better!

Over the past few weeks I've had the displeasure of either arriving at LaGuardia's Terminal C/D or picking someone up there. Everybody's been freaking out about traffic congestion because of the complete rebuilding of the airport. But I didn't find that so bad. The problem I noticed is that when I walked out of the door at arrivals I was gagging on cigarette smoke.

Yesterday I got there a little early to pick up my daughter. I noticed people in various uniforms smoking all over the place. The people who I would expect to enforce the no smoking regulations were smoking right next to the signs that said no smoking. I didn't take their pictures for fear of activating aTSA nightmare. But I did take this picture.

Why does LaGuardia Airport smell like an ashtray?

Why are there ashtrays right underneath the no smoking signs?

Why are the people who work there ignoring the rules instead of enforcing them??

Why isn't anyone enforcing the rules?

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  1. Without enforcement, "no smoking" rules are just suggestions which can be ignored at will.


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