Monday, October 8, 2018

I usually think it's bad luck to even see the medal before you earned it, but in this case I've made an exception.

It's safe to assume I'm going to be the last guy to finish the the Brooklyn Marathon.
So if you already finished and see me in Prospect Park on October 20 I might ask to see the medal you already earned, please show it to me. It'll give me the strength to get to the finish line. You could even walk a little with me
I will be easy to recognize. I'll be wearing both the red of the Prospect Park Track Club and the yellow Achilles.
And you can cheer for me......

Go Michael!
Go Achilles!
(Actually, I was reminded by one of my old friends that as a board member of the Prospect Park track club I should not be encouraging profanity in public. So if you say F U GBS, I will hear Fuck You GBS!)

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  1. Was "No profanity!" in the "Terms and Conditions" members don't read before joining PPTC?


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