Monday, June 4, 2007

June 2007

What you don't know because you are not me

So, I had mixed feelings about running the Wall St 5K. On one hand the course is crowded and on poorly paved roads, on the other hand it is a NYC Marathon Qualifier. On one hand it is in the evening, running in the evening really as no appeal to me, on the other hand it is a NYC Marathon Qualifier. On one hand there will be like a gazillion walkers, on the other hand it is a NYC Marathon Qualifier. On one hand it is a giant corporate event, but it is you know a NYC Marathon Qualifier.

So I singed up. I got there a little early and had even more things to figure out. My big question was what should I do with my stuff? For each of the last hundred or so races I have run I travel light; minimal keys, no wallet etc. But when I showed up to this race I came from work, I had a big ring of keys and my wallet. I have never heard of any problems with the NYRRC Baggage Check, but if anything were to happen to my work keys I would be in big trouble. So I dug out my fanny pack. I put my keys and wallet in there and went to check my bag with my clothes. When I walked to the Baggage Check with the fanny pack on I realized I would have absolutely no fun with that heavy fanny pack on my hips

So, I just shoved it and the book I was reading in my back pack and left it Baggage Check.

So, I ran the race, it was everything I expected, super crowded, plenty of walkers blocking the starting line (I think one of them was actually smoking). Most streets were under construction. They even put a water station (who needs a water station in a 5K?) on the narrowest street on the course. The course was actually not a 5K, it was "about 3 miles. But it was one more NYC Marathon Qualifier.

So I go back to get my bag, I notice that my book fell out. (I thought I had put it in the outside pocket and that someone wanted to read a little of DeeDee Ramone's novel). I did not give it any more thought and I went home. I get home and HOLY MOLY, WHERE IS MY FANNY PACK?!. Oh well, I call the credit card companies and took a shower. But first I mention to my wife, Stephanie that the next day she will have to make some copies of the keys. I get out of the shower and she says that if I lost my keys and wallet, we gotta change the locks now. I said "You can call a locksmith, but I am going back to the World Financial Center to see what I can see.

So I got to Wall St and some of the smoking walkers are still finishing up. I got to where the Baggage Check was and what you know there are still some NYRRC People there. I let them know what my problem is and they send me to see someone who might know where lost stuff is, but the next thing I herd on a walkie-talkie is my name. Somebody has my fanny pack. They had the whole shebang, they said it was just there on the ground, after everybody got their bag. Wow.

So I thanked them very much and told those nice New York Road Runner's Club Staffers that I took back half of the bad things that I ever said about them. They appreciated the complement. I called Stephanie and told her to cancel the locksmith, it was too late.

So, not losing my wallet, cost me $45, but I did gain a little respect for the NYRRC Staff.

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