Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 2007

Or "What you still don't know abut running the NYC Marathon if you are only listening to the New York Road Runner's Corp.

I am assuming at this point if you are reading this you are properly trained for the Marathon. So, I am not giving that kind of advice. I am going to tell you how to get your monies worth, how to have your best race and how to enjoy the event.

First, the day after you read this make sure that everybody you know is aware of the fact that on November 4th you are running the New York City Marathon. That day, the few days before and at least one day after are all about you. The people you work with should be wishing you luck starting on Halloween and asking how you did till Thanksgiving. The people you live with should be expecting you to be crabby the day before the Race and the person you work with should be offering you cheesecake on November 5th. Make sure they know this.

Other important tips

  • Get to the expo early, enjoy it. When you walk toward Javits, look around, all these people came from all over the world to run with you. Smile and say Welcome to New York.
  • Go to the lost and found at you workplace, if there has been a winter coat sitting there since last Spring, you can take it home. Wear it to the start of the race and leave it at Fort Wadsworth. It will be given to charity.
  • The week before, run the last ten miles with the Prospect Park Track Club. There is nothing more important than this. It will mentally prepare you to finish the race. It will help you remember how close the finish line is. For example, when you reenter Manhattan on the Madison Ave Bridge you can see the Empire State Building, directly ahead; that is about how far the finish line is. Also, when you go around Marcus Garvey Park on 5th Ave. you will notice some trees ahead, that is Central Park. Remember how close you are…. you can finish
  • Don't go to the Pasta Party. The last thing you need to be doing the night before The Marathon is standing up to eat pasta that has been sitting in a chafing tray all day.
  • I know I just told you to stay off your feet but, this year go to Central Park and watch the Olympic Marathon Trials. The Olympics is the only time if feel patriotic. These men are competing for the chance to represent me. Kinda cool!
  • The Friday before the race, make sure you toenails are trim.
  • Most of the time when I walk, I move forward on the Earth. When I walk to the bus on 9th St and Prospect Park West, I always think of the Earth as a giant treadmill and I am standing still, pushing it backward behind myself with each step. Today the planet moves for me.
  • When the bus goes over the Verrazano Bridge look out the window. Look at the city they built for us. This is not just a big race; there are 40,000 runners and thousands more supporters. You have arrived.
  • The first thing you should do is get on line and go to the bathroom, then get a drink and get back on line.
  • You still have a few hours before the race starts, I usually go to the top of the hill (near the giant Urinal) to relax. Anywhere near the stages and tents that are set up is a little too stressful, but that might work for you.
  • No matter what color you race bib is, DO NOT run on the lower level of the Bridge. First of all you made a great investment in this race and it is just no fun down there and your family and friends will not see you on TV from the helicopters. But more importantly, the people on the upper level are peeing off the Bridge. They think they are peeing in the Bay, but they don't know that the lower level is wider than the upper. Just start at the back of the other corral, your chip will keep track of your time.
  • I have been told this can be dangerous, so be careful. For every HighFive you give a little kid in Brooklyn you get back five seconds in Central Park. Really.

OK, If you want to here more, sit with me in the bus, or email me, we can go to the Trials with me and my kids.

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