Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Toe Update

It is not broken, fractured or dislocated. It is bruised.

Yes I actually broke down and went to a doctor.

I was gonna see Dr Michael G. Szczepanski DPM because he help me deal with plantar fasciitis. I went to see him because he is know as the type of doctor who understands that some people can not be told to stop running. But, I already stopped running and Doc Mike is all the way out in Bay Ridge. So I called the nearest Podiatrist to my office. Dr Christopher Minacapilli took his time and took some X-rays and told me not to run till it stops hurting. I have to let it heal.

Unfortunity a soft tissue bruise will take longer to heal than fractured bone.
So I am going to be putting some air in the bike tires this weekend


  1. michael,

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    bone bruises can be pretty nasty and painful things. they can present as shin splits and/or stress fractures.

    but despite the recovey hassle, be thankful it wasn't fractured or broken - would have been worse.

    after the toe (loved writing that) - what's next on your race calendar?

  2. Michael, I really enjoy
    reading your blog, and I
    especially love the pictures
    carole ann


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