Saturday, August 9, 2008



A police officer never said that to me before. It really made my day.

This morning I met the Prospect Park Track Club for their morning group. Lots of people on vacation so, at 8am I met my friend Frank. He is a nice guy, he said he would slow down so we could run together and we would do a usually loop of lower Manhattan.

As we were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge he reminded me that there would be some sort of street closings today. We were both vaguely aware of an event called Summer Streets. Lafayette Street at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge was closed and there was a map that told us the road was ours till E 72nd St, then a clear shot to Central Park.

Frank and I had no problem with the distance so we ran the complete route and then a half a loop of Central Park.

The coolest part was getting to run up and around Grand Central Station and then through the Met Life Building. As we reentered Park Ave, there was a police officer stopping the pedestrians. When Frank and I had the right of way she did not say "go" or "proceed", she looked right at us and said "Enjoy".

That was a police instruction I had no problem following.

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