Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A full day

Yesterday, I took the kids to the Red Hook Pool As you can see if you click the link, it can be seen from orbit. I was not just huge, but there were never more swimmers than lifeguards. The lifeguards did not have much to do because the Park Dept staff enforces all the rules. They made me leave my tee shirt in the locker, because it had writing on it. I guess the thought the NYRRC was a gang.

They do not sell any food within a block of the pool, but EVERY time we walked in or out we were offered a free lunch. Since they kept offering we accepted. N had a PP&J and S and I had a salami and cheese. Both came with an orange, non-fat chocolate milk, and a small tub of potato salad. They were better than nothing (I guess that is what they were really for), but they salami and cheese was frozen.

On the way home we stopped at Carroll Park to play in the sprinkler where the only rule is have fun.

Later, I decided to meet the Prospect Park Track Club for their Speed workout. I was just gonna jog over and say Hi, and maybe join them for their worm up. When I met the group I instantly remember what I liked most about running clinics. It was not the physical part, it was the comradely. I ran the warm up and Tony had no problem with me staying for the work out on the stares and hill repeats. Needless to say, I have committed myself to the rest of the workouts.

The work out ended on the far side of Prospect Park from my home so a few of us walk home together. The big deal was that Bob Dylan was playing in the Bandshell. As we neared we could hear that the show just started. He opened with Everybody Must Get Stoned (really called "Rainy Day Women #12 &35") As I walked away from the Bandshell he began "Lay, Lady, Lay" and I decided to focus on the moment when the cicadas got louder than the music. It was at the very end of the song, as I passed the Picnic House. Lovely!

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