Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday, we took a short road trip. (After driving to Florida, anywhere in NJ is easy.) We wen to the Land of Make Believe in Hope NJ.

First of all WE HAD A LOT OF FUN.

Ok, I made sure I said that first.

To try to figure out how to deal with the "one adult/two 8 year olds" thing at a water park I read some reviews by other parents. I looked at Epinions, Tripadvisor and Citysearsh and eviews were mixed.

The positives (from the reviews and my opinion too).

the rides were just wright for my 8 year old twins. The rides were basically the same as the rides at Brooklyn's Nellie Bly or Astroland They had a ball, and since it was not crowded at all, they were able to jump back on the line and ride again! The wading poll as great and the water park rides were scary for me but fun for kids. We did each one once together and if it did not start the thunder I would have let the kids do it them selves for the next 3 hours.

The negatives (from the reviews and not mine)

1. The staff was rude. No way, the kids that work there are human beings. I thought is was neat that they were all on some sort of foreign exchange program. Great for them that they were getting a real American experience. They controlled the rides fine and kept my kids safe. It was a relief from the programed "cast" at Disney.

2. The food was not so good. The food was fine, and there was no exploitive pricing.

3. The park and it's facilities were dirty. This was not true. The place was spotless

4. It is not a place for teens. That is why I went

5. It is expensive. Not, it is cheaper than Astroland's 6 hour Pay One Price plane and comes with a water park. (But Astroland comes with Coney Island.)

The only problem I had was with the directions after we got off Route 80. Maybe I am an idiot but we got pretty lost. But we did get to see a goat farm and a nice farm stand!

We will be going back on another weekday, this year or next, but I will bring another adult!

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