Monday, August 18, 2008

Return to Go, collect 200 smiles

My Mom is visiting this week. Today I took her and the kids to see some relatives. I dropped Mom off with her cousin Annette for an hour and had to figure out what to do with the kids. I suddenly realized how close we were to the apartment I lived in till I was 5 years old. We walked there and then to the school and playground I played in when I was in kindergarten. Till today I never knew the park had a name, I thought it was the park by my school. It was the William E Kelley Memorial Park. I was a lot nicer than I remembered it. I told that to the park manager. He said he had been working there for 32 years, I told him the last time I was there was about 40 years ago.

They lent us a checkers set but we did not stay long. The park was nice but it was hot and we had to go back and meet Mom.

We stopped in on some more family and then I took Mom and the kids for a drive. I then actually parked in front of the house my Mom grew up in and even got her to ring the bell. Some very nervous people came to the door. We left before things got to emotional.

Blocks from my Moms old house was the Joe Galapo Playground. It was the playground that my Mom played in when she was a little girl. (It was also a location of some of my more wild youthful activities). It was upgraded somewhat in the past 65 years but the fun still remained. N and S had a fun time while Mom and I sat and chatted. S got hungry so we went for a walk. We were looking for a slice of Pizza but found an Asian grocery store. S got a kick out of the live fish (that were not going to be pets) and the almost alive crabs for sale.

We came back with some Kumquat Jelly Juice pouches and a bag of not potato chips.

Calm and fun

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