Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Spit in the Ocean Run

Today I joined the Prospect Park Track Club for a run down to Coney Island and back. I hate doing that. There is nothing more boring than Ocean Parkway it is also noisy from the traffic and totally free of drinking water. Not to mention that the drivers are not there to be even aware of humans in the Crosswalks at the 30 intersections we have to pass to get to the beach.

Once at the beach I felt compelled to to go the end of the pier near the Parachute Jump. The wood on the board walk is in total need of repair. Maybe it should be replaced with the plastic stuff they make playgrounds out of.

The run was not all bad, in fact I am glad I resisted the urge to run the other way. I ran most of the 16 miles with a member of my running club. I told her that running with her got me to run the entire distance. She agreed. Running with someone gets you to the finish, and probably faster.

We ran peaty well together. I might ask her if she wants to run the NYC Marathon. I would have to get up the nerve to ask, it is a big deal.

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