Thursday, September 11, 2008

I had a good run today

I was a good day to get 8 or 9 nice miles under my belt in Prospect Park. Not only have I had some crappy running experiences in the past few weeks. But, Today I really needed to clear my head. The first reason is plainly that it is good to be alone in a big park on September 11. But also a man died in front of my house yesterday. Sadly, It seamed that a man on a bicycle tried to beat the light and rode into a school bus. It happened a few minutes before I left the house to bring the kids to school. This is the news coverage from the Brooklyn Eagle , The Daily News and a lot of information on

So I had a good run. I did a whole loop of the park and then ran each transverse loop. The park was beautiful and quite. I left the park at Grand Army Plaza and noticed something going on under the arch and next to the fountain. It seam that The Design Trust for Public Space is having a competition to see who can create "bold visions that express the spirit of Brooklyn right now, and did not have to be realistic."

The exhibit does not really open for a few days (maybe the the competition will be online then). The range of plans was impressive. Some were to simply move the traffic to Plaza St. and others were planning to put the cars in a tunnel or lift the park over the road.

I would like to think traffic calming would have save that man's life yesterday. But who knows.

These projects all looked better that the current kamikaze intersection. But, they looked costly and you know we have to pay for the war first.

Sorry I an not funny at all today


  1. Hi! The winning entries will be available later today on You can view them and vote for your favorite for the people's choice award. The winner will be announced on October 8th! You can also see images of the exhibit construction at Stay tuned for community workshops where you can share your ideas too!

  2. Thanks Leslie

    Click here

    for the choices


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