Wednesday, October 8, 2008


In Park Slope it is OK to double park on the opposite side of the street from the "You can't park here once a week so we can clean the street side". That works out well, otherwise you would have to drive around in circles for an hour and a half once a week. The thing is; you can not double park in the bike lane.

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I just walk by Lincoln Pl between Plaza Street and 8th Ave. The street is scheduled to be cleaned on the East side. There were 3 cars double parked in the bike lane and one on the street cleaning side. Each of the 3 cars in bike lane got a $115 ticket for "Blocking Bike Lane" and the one on the cleaning side got a $45 ticket for not abiding to alternated side of the street rules.

I have a number of observations

1. Good for the city to collect $390 on this little block alone.
2. Why bother moving your car, the ticket is almost the same price as a parking lot.
3 Your are better leaving you car at the airport than making you spouse deal with it for 3 days.


  1. Excuse me! Was that picture taken by a helicopter???

  2. I hope it did not disturb you. I ordered it just for my blog.

  3. While I know all about the custom of double-parking during alternate side hours, it's still illegal, as is parking in a bike lane. That block (Lincoln Pl. between 8th and Plaza) is extremely dangerous for bikes and pedestrians, with cars making the >90-degree right turn onto it from Plaza and then barreling down, hoping to make the light, even without illegally parked cars creating an additional hazard. Perhaps you're correct that it would be cheaper, if you use the care regularly, to pay for a garage.

  4. Yes, Janet, I never understood why it is so cheap to store my private vehicle on public land. And congratulations to you. You are the first person that I did not know personally to comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting!


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