Sunday, October 5, 2008


Not, me. I had a good run. I left the house at 7am, ran over the Brooklyn Bridge, up Broadway to Central Park and joined Greta's Gallup for 2 loops (I skipped the Harlem Hill). My last mile was in a happy 10 minutes. I am ready for the Marathon in 4 weeks.

The Pathetic thing was going on in Times Square. Netflix was sponsoring a movie watching competition. There was a little building full of sofas and big TVs on the traffic Island. It was such a beautiful, fall morning and these people were sitting in the middle of it to celebrate sitting and watching. There were even wearing Netflix uniforms like it was an athletic competition. There were even paramedics checking the vitals of the participants.

Later that same day I took a subway ride to Juniper Vally Park in Queens to watch the Ted Corbitt 24 Run. When I arrived the race officials treated me like a hero.
Why? Because I was a spectator. I actually came to watch. I don't get it, why does anybody care how long a bunch of couch potatoes can look at a TV. These people are moving forward for 24 hours.

I took some pictures and will add them when I get some batteries

Here they are

Louis, Frank, Al, Emmy, and Al. (Sorry I missed the other Frank). These are real athletes.


  1. michael,

    it was so cool of you to come by and cheer us on!! love the photos you posted (and added link to them).

    but the best is the contrast between running loops of the park and watching reel after reel of movies in time square :D

  2. hey! What's wrong with sitting on a couch and watching TV? it's one of my favorite pastimes and I am darn good at it! LOL

  3. Michael -- a million thanks for coming to cheer Frank on, and by cheering us all up in the process!!
    A little bit of insanity in Queens!
    Good luck with your marathon training -see you on November 2, hopefully! It was such a surprize to have you and your kids come out on Sat afternoon. I guess Frank and I don't need to get any more long runs in before:))))

  4. and the winner of the movie watching marathon in times square...,2933,434513,00.html



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