Thursday, October 30, 2008

Expo Time

This morning I picked up my bib and goody bag for the Marathon.

First, let me go back to my previous blog entry.... When I walked up from the subway on 7th Ave and 34th St. My first sight was the Empire State Building looking very small against a giant blue sky. I was suddenly filled with a song from The Who's mega album Quadrophania, The Real Me. I kept singing "Can you see the real me...." Did the sight of that great big building and the fact that I making my annual return to my Mecca... The place of personal rejuvenation... To a reunion with MY people.... The New York City Marathon make me think of the real me. I don't know I might be going a little nuts.

Anyway, I had a plan to meet my old High School Buddy Frank (look he already mentioned me in his blog) at the expo. He brought two of his friends Emmy and Pam. They both had some special things to do at the Expo.

Emmy reminded me that most people who have risen to the top are also humble. She would not tell me why she was entitled to the local elite start. Really, she told me that everybody who is a member of a local running club gets a special start. I don't think she knew I am on the Board of Directors of a local running club. She whispered to me that she wont really run an elite race because she is still sore from recent a 100 mile race. I really don't think that she wanted anybody at the NYC Marathon Expo feel that there was anything more than a marathon. Humble.

Pam's experience was not so much fun. This was going to be her first NYC Marathon. She recently got injured and had to differ her registration till next year. I was actually standing next to her when she turned in her number. I hope to never have to be in those shoes. I told her that I would be in tears if I had to do what she was doing. She said she was almost there. I really hope that things work out for her next year.

Below are two pictures I took at the expo. They show the things I see. Should I bring my camera when I run the Marathon on Sunday? I can take some "different" pictures. But I will become a "Marathon Tourist". What will it be. Your feedback is helpful.

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