Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clarity Returns

It's been 2 days and I think my brain has returned to normal (or not so normal) and I am remembering some wonderful things about the NYC Marathon
  • I got to sit in the front seat of the bus, it is a good thing, the driver needed directions.
  • I shared the frozen grass at Ford Wadsworth with Barry, Sandy and Sander from Holland. I was happy to have extra garbage bags for them.
  • The volunteers at Fort Wadsworth cleaned up really fast. I did not find any cool discarded clothing.
  • The wave start was a little confusing, after the cannon we were slowed on our way to the starting line. At the time it was annoying but it payed off. There were no bottle necks in font of The Brooklyn Academy of Music or at the entrance to the Willis Ave Bridge.
  • When I got over the Verrazano Bridge there were noticeably less helicopters overhead. The leaders were already in Queens. No big deal, the crowd was still cheering for me!
  • There was a kick-ass band playing "Jumpin Jack Flash" in front of the Honda dealer that I did not by a car from in Bay Ridge.
  • I love running through Park Slope and Fort Green. Knowing that my neighbors are cheering for me is amazing.
  • My daughter's BFF offered me some Veggie Booty at the 7 mile visit the family spot. She meant well but "No, no, no. no...."
  • It was a very nice day, the Hipsters in Williamsbergh were extra toasted from the brunch bloody Mary's.
  • On First Ave, I heard my name being called. It was my friend Mike from College. I had absolutely no idea who he was till I was half a block away and looked at his photo in my camera. I saw him again in Central Park told him how proud of myself I was for figuring out who he is! My brain was just a littlel slow.
  • In the Bronx they let me use on of those bumpy sticks that you can rub on your mussels to give yourself a quick massage. It was great!
  • On Fifth Ave in Harlem I told the man at the water table that I was sick of Gatorade. I wanted a beer. He said he would get me a Coors Light. I told him I just ran 24 miles to get me a real fuckin beer.
  • Also on Fifth Ave and 131st St. I overheard a fellow runner pointing out the building she will vote in. She was the blondest of blond and used the word "dude". Gentrification has arrived!
  • The crowd control on Fifth ave between 110th St and Engineers Gate was not so much. It never is.
  • On the East Side of Central Park, a runner who finished let me see his medal. He clearly understood my need to see it.
  • Moments later I was offered a handful of red grapes. They were yummy but nobody notices that I spit the skin all over my self
  • After the finish line I saw a race official who's badge said "Post-Finish". I told him that was the most redundant thing I saw all day.
  • The women who secured my metallic blanket was such an angel made me believe in god. Just kidding.
  • Last year the baggage pick was so crowded that the runners pushed over the fences so we could get into the rest of Central Park. This year they built a bigger fence.
  • I live on the 4th Floor, the elevator has is out of service. Oh Joy!

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