Monday, November 3, 2008


In 1979 my goal was to finish the NYC Marathon, I did that in 1993. Then I wanted to break 4 hours, I did that in 2000. Then I wanted to earn lifetime qualification in the NYC Marathon. I did that yesterday by finishing in 5:11. Mission accomplished !

First, I gotta get a little faster. I did not make it to the New York Times. Their cut off was 5 hours. Next year I am gonna leave the camera home and work on my core strength. I want to break 5 hours.

My long term goal is more complicated. I told my 8 year old twins that I will keep running the Marathon for 10 more years. That way they can run it with me when they are 18. Girl said OK, Boy said "Ask me when I am 16". I told them they can do whatever they want, but I intend to be there for them.

In 15 years I will be 60, the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon is 4 hours. I have time to train.


  1. Sheesh, 5:11? Slow poke! you should be much faster-LOL

  2. You are awesome! Now you don't have to practice all year long and run all those qualifiers just to get into the marathon. Yup, you can nap every day and then next November wake up and say "Hey, instead of having a bagel and getting the newspaper or drinking my morning beer, I think I'll run that race again." A great achievement!


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