Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The West Wing was my favorite show

I used to love watching The West Wing. For an hour I could make believe that our government was really like that. It was nice to think that the President was the smartest man in the room and really cared about the Big Picture. For 1 hour we were not fighting a war for oil and a goofball was not the "leader of the free world". He had a staff of interesting people. I did not mind having the show's characters in my living room. They were nice people, people I could relate to.

On November 2, I realized that I did not have to make believe anymore.

Anyway, Yesterday I chaperoned a class trip to see Canstruction at the World Financial Center. It was a display of sculpture made only from food cans. It was basically a way to bring awareness to the issues of hunger and poverty and a way to generate contributions to end hunger. The kids are divided up in to small groups and each group is assigned a two parents to keep them from getting lost. I say Hi to the other chaperon that I am with, and we make some small talk, the usual stuff like what is your job. He tells me that he works in Washington, for Obama.

We did not have too much time to talk, I did not find out what he does. I just asked him if he just worked for the campaign or if he will have a job in the new administration. He said he will be moving to Washington. He also had 3 blackberries and had to use them all on this (no so much) day off. I can say from our short meeting he was a nice guy and we had a good morning together. Also, my son got along well with his daughter and he said he will miss her when she has to move. He is a nice guy who I would not mind having in my house.

When I got home I deiced to Google the man. I found out he is a major player in the transition team and will be working in the White House at a senior staff level. His job would make him a regular on the West Wing TV show.

Now, I don't have to make beleive that the President is Jeb Bartlet. Reality might just be OK.

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